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Well, it's pretty obvious that Tsukune won't do anything that would sacrifice Moka, since he loves her.

Anyway, I have been wondering what the current arc is going to bring to the general plot of the story, and for now, I could think that it will be this:

- Introducing a new antagonist that the hero's will need to face in the future (the Masked King) and revving old antagonists that have not given up, despite being defeated earlier (Kiria, Hokuto and Miyabi - who was knocked out by Tsukune in the Yuki Onna village arc, so I think, it could be considered as an "defeat")

- Strengthening the bond between Tsukune and Moka (especially the Inner one), due to the fact that Tsukune has become less human by stabilizing hie vampire transformation (although, I doubt that all the comparability issues between Tsukune's humanity and the Shinso vampire blood in his veins have been resolved by the human modification ritual), and both personalities of Moka know how important Tsukune's humanity is to him (Rosario + Vampire Season I, chapter 11), once again making both personalities of Moka realize that they are more important to Tsukune then the fact that he is (or rather was, since at this point I doubt Tsukune can be considered fully human) a human.

- Making the fact that Moka has injected her blood into a human known to the general vampire population, which is definitely going to make the relations between Tsukune, Moka and the general population of the vampire race a little strained, maybe even turn into open hostility, which could make the general population of vampires the third antagonist (besides the Masked King and the Hokuto - Miyabi - Kiria trio) that the protagonists would need to deal with (my assumption)

- Considerably weakening the Rosario that Moka wears, due to the whole Alucard resurrection ritual, of course assuming that it won't break completely... since the Rosario wasn't in a stable state to begin with and we don't know how much Tohou Fuhai's quick repairs have helped in keeping Moka's seal stable.

- Reviving the whole human - ayashi war if Alucard is going to awaken, if Ikeda actually wants to go into that direction - naturally, I'm assuming that this scenario doesn't have much chances of occurring, but at this point, it still remains a possibility...

And that's all of the developments (that I could think off, at the current point in the story) , that could be brought into the story, as a result of the events in the current arc.

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