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In general the chapter did felt rushed a little, but the feeling is mostly because one want the other chapter inmediatly, to close is generation with a high note and jump directly to the History of Grandfather & Grandson who will be the Third generation.

The chapter was very good, yes was very full paced and something must have been resolved better, but keep good drama to all and was a good. Poor Obright, even when i think we pass the worse... his deathflag was reflected to the poor Remi, well, we need Dique as the Engineer of Age 3... but that is unfair, RIP Remi Ruth, be happy in the Gundam Valhalla(aka Future Century) with Yurin.

Again, we enter Earth, and if the Spoilers are true... Flit will lauch a speech in the so big parade of the Federation(what are they celebrating?), that would be describe as... Zeon is Exhausted meeet J'Accuse. That will be a direct message about the whole war and direct declaration of Responsability to the Federation of their Action... that is Big, and maybe the Old Flit looks is a bit of Foreshadowing?... I can NOT wait for the next chapter.
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