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I saw an interesting theory on tumblr where someone was looking at the scene with the colorless king (erm, where Kukuri is standing in a tree and suddenly has a multiway conversation with themself) and noticed that the filter over the scene changed slightly each time someone new talked. They thought it might indicate that the colorless king already absorbed the green and black kings, I disagree but thought it was interesting enough to mention.
I've also got a small theory, what if the colorless king isn't, well, the colorless king? Whenever we've seen them floating around they look more like a fox spirit than anything else and the show has shown that you can have animals that are strains (the horse from the Red manga, Neko) so I'm wondering if he might just be a really powerful strain that's out to mess with everyone.

Hmm, this might be why I've seen so many people say "this show is confusing and didn't foreshadow anything!" and people who go "this show had a ton of foreshadowing!", it's almost all visual foreshadowing. Most of the hints people had that Shiro was the silver king came from a few scenes where he did something, there was a cut to another angle where all the viewer could see was a silver light, it's a show that makes use of it's visual component. That's why I thought the theory from tumblr was interesting, it relies both on auditory (the changes in mannerisms and voice between, erm, voices) and visual (with slightly changing the color of the scene) cues which is what, as someone said earlier, a mystery does.
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