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Originally Posted by morbosfist View Post
Which he blames Japan for.
Past tense.
He used to blame Japan, probably a very long time before he decided to go to Area 11.
That's the impression I got, and I already explained somewhere why it makes the most sense to me. But sure, if you ignore his tone of voice and want to have everything at face value, I can't prove it, since Clovis' personality is really mostly a matter of interpretation. (Still, he found out that Lelouch had a Japanese friend, and at least that made a difference.)
Doesn't change the fact that he was never shown to think very highly of his father, or that he probably loved Lelouch more than anything else.
"I think of the disturbance in Area 11 as a chess puzzle, set forth by Lelouch." - Clovis la Britannia
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