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Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
The thing is, Clovis is not the most ambitious person around.
He's an artis who, according to the Sound Drama, neither enjoys piloting a knightmare nor ruling a country
He seemed to be truly interested in that research, yes, but we don't know his reasons. Was he bored? Was he curious?
I can't imagine a likely scenario that would have forbidden him to go with the Emperor with whatever it was that he was looking for - except if he knew that his father already knew something, or if he was just trying to spite him.
Or maybe he wanted to find something awesome and get the Emperor to let him return to Britannia without disinheriting him.
But ambition - beyond retaining his social status - is a trade Clovis was never shown to have.

Yes, but not Clovis, who despised "that sort of work" (-> gouverning, and probably politics as a whole).
Actually, his family is the only thing he was shown to truly value.

True, but they were supposed to have died in Japan, when Britannia invaded.
ok, now im interested, which Sound drama was that? and is there somewhere i can wach this dubbed?
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