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Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
The series is at its best when it does the tongue in cheek snarky storytelling that I love so much. But when it tries to be dramatic, it has a hard time keeping stable. I feel this is true of all the KyoAni shows I have watched; even my beloved Clannad got really wobbly at times (Though some people will say worse-- this is not for this thread. )
To do drama well I tend to think you need really deep and developed characters and usually there has to be some sort of significant struggle that they end up going through to give reason for the drama and for them to grow even further. Haruhi has that struggle with the whole idea of trying to keep Haruhi happy so she doesn't alter the universe irreparably, but it rarely uses it well or to much effect. Haruhi like a lot of Kyoani shows as of late seems content to simply put it's characters on parade and have them do whatever each week, usually for the purposes of moe.

There's rarely a sense of overwhelming urgency to any situation so there really can't be solid drama in my eyes, and this is I think made pretty clear in the rather over the top sequence of Kyon about to deck Haruhi and them then having their shouting match. Haruhi was barely tapping Mikuru on the head with that microphone and it actually looked more like she was playing with her and that was the extent of their problems. The thing here though is that Mikuru is such a total exploitation character (In some ways it's hard to blame anybody for thinking her as a dolllike plaything to do with as they please let alone Haruhi who is prone to treating others like they are there to do her bidding)that she can't be bothered to say something, anything, for herself as usual. This is not a show built for drama and Kyoani is really just not a studio built for drama, so I wish they'd just focus on other areas that they could be good at (Eye candy, moe presentation, wacky antics/scenarios etc.) and tone down the way in which the dramatic moments are presented more often like they did with that one scene I mentioned with just Haruhi and Kyon looking at each other. That says enough for these characters and their level of personal relationship development that we've come to know.
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