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Originally Posted by Nera Sleith View Post
It's 13 episodes if you check their blu-ray lineup. 緋弾のアリアBlu-ray&DVD Bullet.1 is 25 minutes while 緋弾のアリアBlu-ray&DVD Bullet.2-7 are 50 minutes.
BD1 is 1 episode, BD2-7 is 2 x 6 episodes = 12, so a total of 13.

The reason why I thought like this is because the way I've seen JC Staff worked before. In the case of KoreZombie, Dragon Crisis, Index first season, and maybe there's more, they faithfully adapted the first novels in slow pace as well, and then they rush the rest of the stuff when they're out of time. It seems to me that they don't plan ahead the episodes. Maybe the factor that Aria dominated the OP also made me think that JC staff don't give the other character much importance than Aria.
Thanks for confirming episode count. Zero No Tsukaima had only 3 novels adapted for it's first season. Shana actually combined the first two novels together for the first 7 or 8 episodes. For index novel 2 was very unpopular so i can see why they'd make it short. I think the total season only did what 6 novels in 2 cours?

Also like SilverSyko said those other two were by Studio Deen. And even then KoreZom was only 3 novels too.

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