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Originally Posted by Zakoo View Post
Since a light novel is -by definition- a novel for teenager, how much japenese language knowledge one's need ? Kanji-wise, are there any furigana inside?
I mean to those who are reading it here, is it really hard? After how many months or years of training, somebody can read one?
We had a short discussion about this on the previous page

In sum, how long it'll take you depends on how hard you study and what you intend to read. Some series have more furigana (e.g. Ore no Imouto) but trust me, you don't want to be looking up 50 words a page - I get lazy if there are even 5-10 words I have to look up. My recommendation would be to aim at least for JLPT N2 and pass without cramming for it - that should give you a decent amount of kanji (~1000) and grammar, though I wouldn't recommend reading something like Macross even then...

How Suetsugu Yuki drew the cover for Chihayafuru volume 34

Interview translations etc

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