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They are no different. Employers of Engineers do the responsible thing and make sure their engineers are healthy and well cared for, because they are valuable to the company. Idols are the same, and should be treated accordingly. The difference, is that Engineers can walk if they don't like how they're being treated and find work elsewhere. Most idols don't have that luxury.

Not in SEA, sorry. Engineers/Technicians are all disposable assets and their health/risk compensations are total liabilities. That is why nobody wants to study engineering anymore.

We are employees, and if we are deemed "not to add value to the company", out we go.

P.S I am currently a tech working for an Asian electronics company - I risk my job day-to-day arguing with those elitist foreign expats who know little to nothing about technical work about almost anything, from work safety to PMI to work process. They ARE annoyed that a lowly technician earning one-third their wage level that knew more than they do because HR didn't tell them that this one is a uni dropout who works blue-collar. They keep me because nobody else out in the market wants to do this work. They put up a notice that is only filled in 6 months.

I love the nature of my job because the chuunibyou in me thinks that he is MacGyver, but I hate working with people who think they are better because they are from a more developed country with a higher level of education.

I guess there will come a day of enlightenment where we young-uns grow up and start to ignore and walk away from them. Experience tells me Asian businesses are like that, but there isn't any way to show respect when your boss is not as godly as hierachy or Asian work culture dictates them to be.

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