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Originally Posted by raikage
Nine Devil, Edo Tensei requires sacrifices. So, it's more like a three-on-one rather than a one-on-one. He summoned former Hokages, which tends to balance the scales a little bit against one of the world's deadliest shinobis. Even if Itachi > Oro, it doesn't necessarily mean that Itachi > Oro + Shodaime + Nidaime + etc etc
Raikage-san You got me wrong there i meant Itachi must have some Kinjutsu to go against something like Edo Tensei, so thats why Oro is not attacking him. With this i try to say Itachi has more Kinjutsu under his sleeve than Oro

Can Mangekyou affect the dead? Possibly...since it does affect perception and visual information, in theory the summoned would only be able to see what Itachi wants them to...
Hmm makes sense
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