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I disagree with you all.
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It may be legal in some situations but I am more then sure in every country even in the scenarios it is legal the jaywalker must give priority to the vehicles (the jaywalkers do not exactly "own the road"). If you are jaywalking and a car runs into you tough luck, there is in no way the driver can be held responsible, although depending on where you live the driver of the vehicle may be required to take the jaywalker to the nearest hospital. The driver can be drunk, drugged or otherwise partially incapacitated, smoking a cigar or eating, it was your fault for jumping in front of him.

Jaywalking (or what appears to be it) is legal and the driver can be held responsible if he doesn't even give you priority, let alone run you over, in "pedestrian areas" (sp? sorry the term may be different). These are not just any area where you walk but special areas designated under special circumstances. Vehicles are also forced to keep a very low speed limit and there the pedestrians literally own the road.
I'm pretty sure that here, it is never, under any circumstance, legal to hit a pedestrian with your car, jaywalking or not. (There is a never applied fine for jaywalking.)
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Most of the West Coast of the US is really terrible about pedestrians not being required to exhibit some courtesy (or common sense) on the street or especially in parking lots (he said as the fat ass in front of his car stops to pick her nose and jabber on her cellphone).
Stop browsing the net and writing posts while you're driving!
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