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I liked the episode. I didn't have high expectations, anyway.
Spoiler for Details:
All things considered, the anime doesn't come close to to the full experience of the VN. It has its own upsides like eye-candy and voices, of course, but imo it fails at creating truly memorable scenes (something the Higurashi anime managed well enough, not to mention the Umineko VN). The soundtrack was an improvement, though.

It was fun while it lasted. I see no reason for Chiru not to get animated if it's financially viable. It's always a way to attract more people.

Also, what I didn't get, was why did Beato fall back and start crying when Maria was all happy when she got Sakutaro back and was all "Sugoi, sugoi!"
I wanna know, because It looked like Maria likes Ange better than Beato, which makes me sad
Beatrice is shocked because by the rules of 'magic' that she knows, reviving Sakutaro is impossible. Which means Ange might have gotten closer to the true essence of magic than Beato did in her thousand years. It's not an issue between Maria and Beatrice.
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