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A good amount of red can be worked around in Umineko, can you give me the sentence in English which denies Erika's existence?

''There are only 17 people'', is extremely vague(even though it's a useful red truth still).

The bit of Kanon I posted, was to show that the characters were much nicer than portrayed, Yasu had good memories of everyone if that bit can be taken seriously, meaning they're at least more noble than the mystery argument seems(lying, bribing, ect). Well, I don't take it literally, but that seems like a bit of a hint.

And wait, weren't the cultists and ect trying to find more evidence of a magical story rather than the human story? I guess I must have witch hunters confused.

I'd be smart and say ''without love it can't be seen'', but that'd just be me pretending to know what I'm talking about. Most of what I typed up was just random thoughts that I thought out. Anyone's free to read it and contradict what I say, it takes 2 people at a minimum to create a universe after all.

What I'm trying to suggest, like, when Ange said kids bullied her into saying Kyrie and Rudolph were the culprits, it seemed that the Meta-World aspect of it was Bernkastel killing Ange after revealing the ''truth'' to her. Clearly an over-exaggeration. So why can't the other meta-world experiences be an over-exaggeration?

It would take a LARGE sentence of pure red just to leave NO room whatsoever for Erika to exist alive. After all(I read this on this site), in EP 8 Battler supposedly works around the red truth that Kinzo is dead from all starting games.
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