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Red truth doesn't exist in the real world, so if you step outside the confines of the games and into the actual cat box, then yes, Kinzo could have been alive and Erika could have washed up on the island.

But I can also claim that it's possible for space aliens to have shown up on Rokkenjima and caused the explosion, and I'd have about as much supporting evidence. "Erika fell off a boat on the day of the conference?" Where did you read that? ...Right. In the forgery.

Even if a girl named Furudo Erika existed and fell off a pleasure liner that day (what was a pleasure liner doing out in the middle of a typhoon?), she still would have had to miraculously drift ashore without drowning (from several miles away?). And assuming she survived that, she wouldn't even be anything like the Erika we know, because the Erika we know is an exaggerated metagaming psycho detective with magical powers.
"Something has fallen on us that falls very seldom on men; perhaps the worst thing that can fall on them. We have found the truth; and the truth makes no sense."
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