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Originally Posted by orion View Post
Accepting that a person does "x" doesn't make the action "right". It just means that as her friend he has accepted her flaws. Just like he accepted his mother's extra-marital affair and his mother being sorry for it.

Loved this movie.
it doesn't make it wrong either. in this case her actions did noone harm...
but why should we even care? i didn't even make sure i got her relationship with makoto right. (i somehow missed that she was the girl he liked and she was part of the reason he offed himself). that's how little i cared about her in general. forgot her name even.
PS. waiting on roriconfan to review this...
PPS. to teh persen who putted bad repyutatien for me gramer and ozer ppl who not like tis - fack yu.
i'm doing it cause im, whoops i'm, whoops, I'm lazy. deal with it
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