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Just watched the film. Thanks for recommending it.

@ soult-to-different-body ploy. I don't think it's merely a plot device. Actually, it's at the very core of the film. We all have our hang-ups and habits, and Makoto retains them, as we see by how he treats his mother. But his conscious attitude is different, because he keeps telling himself, it's just this body, this has nothing to do with me. It's an estrangement technique that helped Makoto bypass nasty blocks like, say, denial. When things would normally get to painful, and he'd get angry at himself, for example, he can now be angry at someone else, which - in turn - helps him see things from a different perspective.

Compare the technique to a simple amnesia, for example: Makoto looks at his paintings. With amnesia, he'd have known the paintings were his, and even before he really saw them, emotions as diverse as modesty or pride (and maybe both at the same time) would interfere. But by thinking someone else painted them, he can actually look at the paintings, and think, hey, that's actually nice, or was he nuts when he painted that? The reaction to the paintings would be more undiluted. (Not entirely undiluted, since there's the why-did-it-have-to-be-him? line that replaces the more self-centred emotions.)

We'd all learn a lot about ourselves, if we managed to pretend that we were someone else looking in. But that's hard without a memory wipe and trickster scheme to back you up.
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