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This movie is seriously messed up. Even coming from a Western perspective, I don't know of anyone who treats their mother with such disrespect. Unfortunately, I couldn't feel any pity for the mother either, because she wouldn't stand up against her own son, or own up to her own love affair (which she probably did as a part-time job to pay for Makoto's future high school). Likewise, the shy, introverted, creepy glasses-wearing girl is utterly dysfunctional. Stutter more, please! I already have no way to understand what you mean. But to say the pretty love-hotel girl is in any better mental state would be just an outright lie. "I like to smash beautiful things every three days." While I'm at character bashing, Makoto's father deserves to be an underpaid, overworked salaryman. Just like his son, Makoto's father chooses to let everyone step all over him. This man deserves to have his son commit suicide. Thank goodness for Mitsuru's lack of screentime. I couldn't have stood another child from this twisted, sickening family.

Makoto Kobayashi. The most screwed-up character in this already screwed-up movie. He saw fit not only to kill himself, but then to make his family's lives more miserable after reincarnating. What an ungrateful bastard.

With the above rant out of my system, I now address the question: Does this movie truly deserve it's praise?

My answer is no.

The most important thing I learned from watching Colorful is the main motif - how people have different shades of color to their personality. Normally, I would have given this a glowing review like everyone else, talk about how the story was compelling, blah blah blah. Deep inside, I was seriously pissed off at Makoto for treating his mother like trash. Honestly, most of the movie made me enraged.

Then I realized everyone else watching is probably feeling the same way - they just keep it in to themselves. Like Hiroka, who goes about defacing beautiful things without telling anyone. Or Mitsuru, who truly cares for his own brother but doesn't want to hurt his feelings. Most triumphant example? Makoto, who has no friends and decides he shouldn't be alive any more. He tells no one of his own suffering; naturally no one visits him when he's takes his own life.

I'm not going to lie. I haven't gotten angry at a movie in a very long time. I would love to find whoever made this movie and beat them up.

And yet, this is why Makoto was given a second chance at life. Underneath his cold, uncaring personality also exists someone who just wants to have friends. That's why it's important to give people another chance, so you can see whether they're purely cold-blooded or if they can actually be nice to people.

Makoto judged Hiroka based on watching her enter a love-hotel with someone way older than her. She has multiple shades to her personality - she enjoys beautiful things and smashing them up, yet isn't at her core a completely cruel person. I admit, I thought Mitsuru to be even worse than his brother. But he's really a nice fellow under those large glasses.

So if you thought I hated watching Colorful based on the opening paragraph alone, you're absolutely incorrect. Sure, I got angry, but at the same time I felt really sad. And I felt truly happy for Makoto's time with his friend Saotome and his acceptance of his own parents. There's more to my personal opinion of this movie than crimson scarlet red. Nope... there's some blue and yellow, too.

Colorful should win every story-related award for the next five years. That's how many feelings I experienced on the emotional spectrum - and they were all of extreme intensity. On the other hand, I'll probably get more negative comments than the current manga chapters of Bleach, but I'll take it. If I've learned anything, it's how diverse everyone's personalities are. I'm going to do as Makoto and put who I really am out for everyone to see - both the beautiful and the ugly.

Heh... I want to give whoever made this movie a hug (after apologizing for beating them up first).

Movie Rating: 9.5/10
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