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Originally Posted by ForteAnly View Post
That coloring is pretty awesome as usual even if its an old one. I just bought TLRD vol.2 it might arrive in a week and half. Did anybody else buy the latest volume of TLRD or will consider buying it?
I'll definitely buy it... when it comes it France. The 1st volume and the databook (that was a surprise, it's a good thing my order for the japanese version was canceled due to lack of stock a few months ago). I'm really looking forward to reading them both, Yabuki's comments in the tankoubon are sometimes pretty amusing, he once reported a hilarious story about Jump's censorship (which he seemed to hate, so he must be really delighted by the leeway SQ gives him).

Originally Posted by MAX_COLA_POWER! View Post
a- Perhaps the over exposure of ecchi situations may sometimes cover the story that the series is trying to get through.

b- Mangafox is full of idiots.
I think his question was "How is it so high?", and not "why is it so low?"; but I might be wrong.

Originally Posted by Used Can View Post
It has no porn. It really is not too different from reading the TLR volumes in term of how much flesh is being shown. Sure, Yabuki is pushing things to its limits, but he hasn't done it, in my opinion, in a distasteful fashion. So, whilst TLR: D has definitely got much more perverted content than TLR, it can hardly be called porn.

In addition, something that has already been mentioned and which TLR: D deserves praise for is that it's managed to have some interesting plot and stick to it, without making the manga get too serious, but developing the story enough to keep things interesting. In addition, whilst some things get revealed, several things are still on the shadows and new questions arise as well, in order to keep you hooked. And that's the story alone. The character development that has been had has been really good.

In terms of guilty please, for me, TLR: D is the same as TLR. However, in terms of enjoyment and interest, I think TLR: D is far superior. Whilst I cannot say it feels as if I'm reading a new manga, I can say TLR: D has addressed almost every single complaint I had while reading TLR, and worked on it.

I'd advise you to give it a chance. But, if the perversion is indeed too much that it puts you off, well, I guess you'll have to drop it.
I couldn't agree more. If you can look past the powered-up fanservice, you'll notice that Darkness has a lot more to offer than the original manga. Yami's character development has been excellent, and I find Mea's storyline quite interesting. The harem ending which the manga appears to be working toward to also appeals to me, but I guess it might actually be a turn-off for some people.

Anyway, I'm enjoying Darkness to the fullest, I like both the fanservice and plot (there is one!).
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