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In my opinion, the latter part of chapter 8 disagrees with you. I felt that way when I first saw it raw, and seeing it translated has not mitigated that feeling much. If you think what Momo was doing to Riko wasn't blatantly heading towards sex, I must ask what chapter you were reading.
That's the thing. It heads toward that direction, but it never reaches it. That's why I said that whilst Yabuki is pushing the limits of just perverted-comedy, he's not doing porn. Hell, he's not even anywhere near Go Nagai's levels. Then, you have some other mangas like Kiss x Sis (even more so the OVAs), Qwaser (mainly the anime) and Nozoki Ana, which also try to push things to their limits and they're not porn.

I don't know, in the end, everyone has their limits when it comes down to how much perversion you can handle. So, as I've said before, if you can not cope with the current levels of perversion, then I guess you'll simply have to drop this manga.
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