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Originally Posted by RRW View Post
that was....confusing

this what i understand.

1. there is some colonization in mars before MC.
2. the place is basically large desert with dozen of lake and (maybe?) safe air. it seem it still dome/hub bsaed
3. Europan algae contain Jupiter moss
4. Moss need ice water and sunlight to breading fast.

but there is several absurd point. how the hell moss breading when there are in underground? why MO-VII let sunlight to reach the algae? how can plankton outbreak can make satellite crash?

i am not even including several (somehow that explained) point like afforestation.

this one is so mess up
Better saying, He ripoff or pulled out a Red Planet plot about mars terraforming
(now who is Val Kilmer and Carrie Anne Moss in this plot?)

but who cares?
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