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Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
Which doesn't necessarily equate to love, heck it doesn't even equate to caring about them, as fire fighters and police officers save strangers all the time.
So firefighters and police officers don't care about the people that they save? Maybe you should say that to a firefighter or a police officer sometime, their response might be telling...

Then show me where was it given an indication that she was flirted with him because she was interested in him romantically?
crayven addressed this perfectly well, imo.

Thanks, crayven.

Though flirting usually indicates a romantic interest, it is not always true, even for teenagers.
It's true often enough that it at least should have occurred to Amata, Andy (especially Andy of all people), and other protagonist cast members that Zessica may well have a crush on Amata.

Its perfectly normal, however, she was already turned down once before.
Not at that point, she hadn't been. That was before she confessed her feelings to Amata, IIRC.

And you're trying to say that she is completely without flaw or fault. Meanwhile you judge both Amata and Mikono by a much more rigid set of rules.
... And here is where I end this reply to you. This is a complete and total misrepresentation of my position on Amata and Mikono as a post I made a few pages ago on this very thread should have made clear to you.

Please read this.

That post, by the way, was made in the hope of reconciling Amata's biggest fans (you, kuro, etc...) with Zessica's biggest fans. But I can see now that was a fruitless endeavor.

And I can see now that you're totally set on hating Zessica, so there's probably no point in me debating this much further with you.

Your firm hatred of Zessica is why you refuse to even consider that Zessica may have been romantically interested in Amata prior to Episode 8, because if she was, you no longer get to put her flirting in a nefarious "irresponsible/reckless" light, do you?

Personally, I always thought that Zessica's flirting with Amata meant she was interested in him, from the very first time she did it. It simply took a while before she became fully cognizant of this herself.
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