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This twist of Apollo being Pollon is horribly done

Why? because this should have been done back during the original series and gone through the proper steps and because this wasn't done in the correct steps, this twist looks horribly out of place and most of the story falls apart making it impossible for me to take it seriously

For example, I can no longer look at Apollonius and Celiane as some kind of love of miracle cause I know 12000 years later his dog will NTR him

I can no longer take Apollo seriously when he was acting like Apollonius cause all I see is a dog pretending to be his master

Don't get me started on Touma, he was suppose to be the "go to" guy for reincarnation reveals but now that he apparently mistaken Apollonius for a dog I can't see him being anything but a joke last time I saw a post saying Fudou and Rena were probably laughing in their minds everytime Apollo and Touma talked to each other

And people are saying Apollo is a human cause he reincarnated, yeah about that he has shown beastly traits even when he is Apollo before this twist it can be assumed it's just because he was never taught manners and was not in touch with human society but now that he is revealed to be an actual reincarnation of a dog. Well this does not make good pictures.

Most importantly, Apollo and Silvia, people are saying how they managed to defy fate and end up together but that is not what I see, since Silvia never seem to recognize Apollo as Pollon, what I end up seeing is Apollo deceiving everyone and hijacking Apollonius and Celiane's promise, yes he didn't lie about anything but still in the end everyone ends up mistaking him as Apollonius so the fact it was never brought up makes that entire concept very unsatisfying
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