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I'm not saying the twist itself is bad I said it was horrible handled

Stuff like this should have been revealed during the original series

If they wanted to do this whole defying fate thing then they should have done it back then

What we ended up with is what we thought was a story about a love lasting 12000 years is actually about the reincarnation of a dog defying fate and NTRing his master and didn't even know about it until a few years AFTER it ended

What's more I will actually admit it I hate the twist itself too just because no one actually confirmed who Apollo was doesn't make it alright to make him a dog

I have not seen the OVAs but I heard it somewhat confirms Apollo as Apollonius in it, I'm not going to use that to bash the twist instead I'm going to make a point about Touma, apparently in the OVA I heard Touma made a remark that confirmed Apollo as Apollonius and now in this episode I learned that he was actually deceived and was mistaken creating no plothole but instead now I laugh everytime I see Touma speak

Basically the problem is not whether this makes sense or not, it's that Aquarion never feels the same to me again.
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