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Even though Yuno wasn't the main character for this episode, I thought it was good and I felt Nazuna reminded me of Yuno when she moved in when she was the first year. Cute and charming as this anime has always been. While I approve of experimenting with this episode, I guess I still like her as a main character. The second sketch was very heartwarming.

And I don't know why I liked the episode because it was fun to hear some Kansai accents. And just wondering, is Nori also from Kansai region? I forgot but I noticed some distinct accent.

I don't mind Shaft doing experimental anime like Bakemonogatari and Madoka Magika but for it to shine again, it needs to do more absurd comedy and slice of life, that was when they were at their best. It's strange that most Shaft anime I like get underrated while the ones I don't really mind become explosively popular all over the world. I just hope they keep making Hidamari Sketch, I wouldn't probably get sick of it.
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