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Ah nice drama there, but looks like i was wrong to have expectation about last battle to look like the first time they fight Pierrot (around 24 - 25?)

Overall series impression...
This series has a solid cast, with all nice characterization.
Miyuki is a typical heroine cast with natural airhead characterization. But without doubt, she is the one uniting all the Precure and keep supporting them as leader.
Akane is the tomboy of the team. I really really like the episode where she experience her first love. One of the best episode there.
Yayoi, the crybaby. Every episode i look forward doing jan-ken with her.
Nao, my favourite character voiced by my favourite seiyuu. Enjoying much pic of her unofficial yuri relationship with Reika. :3
Akane, the cool beauty. Errr, nothing much to say about this one. Refer to Nao.

My only complaint is for the 2nd half (episode 26 - 48), I completely disappointed with the battle scene. Every Akanbe is being spammed with the power of Pegasus and Phoenix.

But as my first Precure serie, Smile Precure is very enjoyable.
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