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Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
That fight...oh god that titan fight was so beautifully animated (ignoring a few moments and minor details) and it really shows the author's love for MMA xD
God, that hip escape the Female Titan made to get out from Eren's mount was executed and animated perfectly and nearly brought a tear to my eye.

It was evident that the Female Titan had far more control over herself than Eren who half the time was swinging around heavy blows almost wildly. Titan Eren was fighting like a street brawler half the time while she was moving around like a trained fighter. She was much smarter, calmer, faster and skilled than him though Eren had just tremendous raw power behind each blow and he seemed to care far less about self harm than her.

You know, to me the way she avoids getting hurt unless absolutely necessary even though she can heal up just shows a very human side of to her. Titans disregard bodily harm, Eren did the same in titan form and he was shown to steadily fall into a bit of insanity through the whole fight...but humans can't heal like titans and can't easily ignore pain so they avoid getting hurt, like her. Quite interesting.

Also..........Eren had yet another disadvantage since she was using that supernatural hardening ability that basically gave her both armor and a weapon. Her skill plus that ability just made it plainly clear that Eren wasn't going to win.
It was also kind of awesome how she still managed to go toe-to-toe with him even without the use of her arms.

How is that being douchy at all?
1: The squad members had far more experience and skill in fighting titans than Eren and anyone in his class put together, while Eren was still just a new recruit;
2: Their job was to protect him, sending him away while putting their lives on the line to kill/delay the enemy was their job;
3: Eren was good recruit with high scores but compared to them he was nothing without his titan shifting ability...and that was a power not even he knew if he could control. Nobody really knew how Eren could react if he turned into a Titan, hell...he nearly killed his adoptive sister at one point so what assurance did they have that he wouldn't attack them?
4: How can someone be a douche for asking a teammate to trust in them? That just doesn't make sense, trust is one of the most important things to have in a team.
Speaking of Titan Eren, he seems gone batsh!t crazy and perhaps spun out of control... Until he gets back to normal shortly before she chopped off his head.

Besides, you guys should know that Eren may have a tendency to go trigger-happy as a greenhorn. That's why they had to keep in line unless when he's needed.

Originally Posted by amaterasu4 View Post
Damn, what an episode. Another reason not to get attached to more side characters in this series. And what does Female Titan want to do with Eren?
She wants Eren's baby!

Jokes aside, obviously Eren can't die off just like that. I'm pretty sure she wants to take him alive for a reason.
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