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Originally Posted by Anavel View Post
WMP + CCC Pack. Don't have the other players installed, nor do I intend to. :heh:
Well, I do use other players because they're at least a bit more aware of some of these files, though granted the whole idea of DirectShow is that the players don't HAVE to be aware of them.

Plus I have a few more reasons:
  • If I want to do an exhibition with smooth transitions between elements of the program, I know how well the others perform. Since I don't use WMP, I wouldn't know.
  • I can tweak the other players a lot more than I can tweak WMP.
  • WMP strikes me as being needlessly bloated.
  • I don't think I like what WMP does when it comes to DRM-protected content.
  • What I like even less is its license agreement, especially since Microsoft is pandering to Big Content.
  • Like RealPlayer, I suspect that, given the above "pandering", WMP is a major privacy leak.

Well, those are my reasons for other players and against WMP for what they're worth.

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