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Originally Posted by Proudleaf View Post
Thanks for testing this and showing your results. I'm sure I would use Mplayer all the time if I had more RAM, but I only have 1GB of ram, and so the need to restart the computer to get that ram back (enough to work in photoshop + bridge, at least) can be somewhat of a hassle.

Don't get me wrong though, I love anime_layer's Mplayer OSX Extended and I use Mplayer more than VLC (due to VLC's strange h264 reading problems on some releases), but because of the memory leak, I usually just use Perian.
The latest Mplayer build seems to fix the problem with the memory leaks presented in Rev 9 and seems to use around 67 MB of memory usage compared to 96 MB in rev 9. It seems that the new build look very promising in terms of memory usage now.

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