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Originally Posted by TehChron View Post
The definition of "Revival" has always been murky at best, actually.

Chick-Beato regains the memories of Yasu-Beato in Episode 6, near the end. Independently of Battler, but also for the sake of rescuing him and understanding herself.

So rather than a "revival", more like a "reincarnation"? In understanding and grasping the true nature/purpose of her own existence, Beatrice is able to complete herself once more? In that case, while it's true that "That Beatrice can not be resurrected", it's more like she...fixed herself?

I understand that the connotation of a revival is someone bringing another back from the dead, so in that case, as it was Chick-Beato that came back to her full self under her own volition, it'd be a self-reincarnation, which is something done independently, I believe.
The problem with this is Featherine's Red:


The word used by her for revival is 蘇る, which also works for resurrection as well. She's basically saying the old Beatrice will never be back again.

Originally Posted by TehChron View Post
I may just be grasping at straws here, however. So if we put this in perspective of Yasutrice, then that would mean that...Yasu would have fallen in love with Battler again? Or decided to pin her hopes on him again, now that he needed her most?

Either way, the central trait of Yasu-Beato is "Loving Battler", right? Therefore, in order for Yasu-Beato to exist, requires that Yasu be in love with Battler, or else it's simply not the same thing.

So if the death of Beato in Episode 5 is due to the death of those feelings. Then Beatrice's revival would be to those feelings of love being rekindled? In that sense, Beatrice would be the "love Yasu has for Battler from 6 years ago". And Beato's revival at the end of Episode 6 is "The love Yasu has for Battler right now". Including the feelings from six years ago.

I understand that both points Ive made in this post are mostly unrelated...But I put a lot more store in the latter point.

Beatrice is Yasu's love for Battler. Chick Beato is an echo of that, and Yasu's love for Battler would have been revived in full at the end of Episode 6, hence the memories and personality returning.
Well, I think a way to see it would be to remember the 2 Beatrices in EP4 and what we've learned about her creation in EP6 & EP7. We've learned that one girl fell in love with Battler, she waited him for years, but at some point she just lost all hope. I believe we may think of this person as the original Beatrice - i.e. the "Mother" chick-Beato was talking about. This makes even more sense if we remember Yasu was already playing the whole witch thing even before she met Battler. Anyway, after she lost hope on Battler returning, she "transferred her feelings to Beatrice". So, Beatrice's purpose was no longer to help Yasu play pranks and/or idle from her life as a servant, but to love Battler. If we remember, it was at this point that Beatrice no longer looked like Claire, but took the figure of the woman in the portrait. Then she solved the Epitaph and became the Golden Witch.

So, basically, we have proto-Beatrice, which is the one who fell in love with Battler, and final-Beatrice which is the one who received the love towards Battler from proto-Beatrice. In EP4, after battler failed his test, we saw two Beatrices. I believe the one who tested him was probably proto-Beatrice, who hadn't completely given up on him. However, after her failed, she gave up completely and only final-Beatrice remained. However, Battler beat the shit of that Beatrice in EP4, and then after all the events in EP5, Yasu finally gave up, and as a result killed Beatrice.

Now, why can the Beatrice we saw in EPs 1-4 cannot be revived? I believe there are several possibilities. 1) The original Beatrice is from 6 years ago, as time passed she changed too. Thus, she cannot go back to who she was. 2) She has no purpose, if Battler has remembered, then there's no need for the previous Beatrice to exist (i.e. the one who trolled Battler, etc.). 3) She's moved on. 4) Featherine's Red refers to something else. 5) There may be another person who also uses the legend of Beatrice and loves Battler. There may be other possibilities, but I cannot think of any.

Originally Posted by Will Wright View Post
I seriously go out of my way to make George seem like the worst person possible in any interpretation of the game I have. For some reason I just hate him so much.
Haters gonna hate.

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I have a small question. For people who believe that the EP7 tea party was just some well made story from Bernkastel, what does it say about that incomplete red truth Bern was going to say?
It's hard to say. Sometimes I even believe that Red didn't even happen, since you cannot back-log to it.
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