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Originally Posted by Number1-Syaoran-Fan View Post
I have a question. Don't judge me... Who is Yasu?
Is that a "I didn't read Ep7 and I want to know what the word refers to anyway" question, or a more deep and metaphysical question about the nature of this personage? It's seriously hard to tell.

"Yasu" is the nickname of a certain character, derived from the last name "Yasuda" who is a Fukuin student selected for service at Ushiromiyas at a tender age of six (sounds like someone we know, right?) and is later claimed by other characters to be "the man from 19 years ago", the surviving baby Natsuhi dropped off the cliff. Most of Ep7 is devoted to the life story of that character, who takes over much of Shannon's previously known biographical details. That "Yasu" eventually goes on to become Beatrice through solving the epitaph and being acknowledged by Kinzo as the only child of Beatrice-2 and Kinzo himself. (And thus both Kinzo's child and grandchild, yes.)

The text remains weasely about whether "Yasu" is equivalent to Shannon or Kanon or not, because at least once a character refers both to Shannon and Yasu as distinct people in the same sentence. It does apparently want us to believe it's the hypothetical character who plays both Shannon and Kanon, but it is not quite conclusive on the subject.

"Yasu" is also the name of the culprit in a very famous ancient murder mystery text adventure game for NES and other machines of that era, so the name is clearly a reference.
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