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Okay, so we now have a third version of Ichiban no Takaramono out... Not surprisingly, I love it. Ever since I heard the "original" version in episode 13, I felt that Yui's take on the song just paled in comparison, with the instrumentals being, y'know, one guitar and nothing else, and the performance just didn't hold up compared to the other version. Which was a shame, because I really thought Yui's version had the better lyrics.

...And so now we've got a much more polished version of Yui's Ichiban no Takaramono, with a completely redone instrumental arrangement and a somewhat improved performance. The result? Eh, karuta's version is still ever-so-slightly better, but this is one hell of an improvement over Yui's first take on the song, and I think the instrumentals here might be the best out of the three versions. So while it's not the best version of the song, it's still pretty damn excellent. Now, if they'd taken the instrumentals and lyrics of this version, and had karuta (or even better, Lia) sing it... the result would probably be utterly amazing.
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