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Originally Posted by kenjtr View Post
i think this series can really take throne of bleach and naruto , also can compete with one piece but the problem is same with one piece people doesnt like things they dont know . i think everyone should give a chance to this manga cause these kind of masterpieces dont come too often , i will really be sad if this manga finishes because people dont understand it .
Don't worry. This manga is quite popular in Japan. The selling is good.

Also, about the bold part of your post. I think people like what they don't know!

Remember the case with One Piece and Naruto.In,US Naruto is more popular than One piece.In Japan, One Piece is more popular than Naruto.

Why? Because in US, there are many story/tale about pirate while Ninja is the strange thing for US. In opposite, Ninja is commonly seen in Japanese's story/tale while pirate is strange thing for japan.

The setting in Magi,however, is not what you commonly seen in both Western and Asia manga/novel/tales ,so it's not surprise that this manga can become popular.
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