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Originally Posted by SweetHoney View Post
I know this should be requested in the Bleach section but not many request for avatars are done there.

Anime: Bleach: The Diamond Dust Reb. (Movie 2)
Size: 100x100 *if they won't fit fair enough it doesn't have to be*
Extra: Colour border
Double Extra: Animesuki Safe please!
Time Frames:

1. 04:20-04:21 Hitsugaya has the reistu effect

2. 04:22-04:23 Hitsugaya stabbed and has the movement forward and then shocked look.

3. 05:08-05:09 Hitsugaya glare/look

4. 17:36-17:37 Hitsugaya turns around to attack Ichigo

5. 18:54:18:55 Hitsugaya says "Please" to Ichigo

6. 33:28-33:29 Hitsugaya moves away from the window and leans back half forward/back

7. 34:10-34:11 Hitsugaya says "Then you'll die"

8. 1:23:27-1:23:28 Hitsugaya's hair blows

9. 1:26:40-1:26:41 Hitsu catchu~
Hope I got them right ^^

Originally Posted by White Manju Bun View Post
Cuz Im addicted to Sebastian...

Kuroshitsuji 8
Time: 5:20-5:21 Sebastian turning his head, plz cut it before he starts talking, loop back and forth but when he turns back plz add a pause.
Size: 100x100
Border: Black



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