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Originally Posted by sirn View Post
I've heard rumor flying around in 2ch since quite some times that this will be KyoAni's production. The chance is pretty high, since TBS seems to be the main lead for this series (as they did with all KyoAni-Key shows and recently with K-on.)
That would really be interesting. I thought Brain's Base might have gotten their hands on another LaLa manga after Natsume Yuujinchou's success, but maybe this reasoning doesn't apply as both series are completely different. Both of the studios would be great to see take on this adaptation anyway.

Sanae Kobayashi as the lead would also be a huge plus, were she to be retained for the anime.

Originally Posted by musume_no_hoshi
This was the shoujo manga that was most likely to be made into anime in my opinion, but I wasn't sure whether it would be made (the other one being Otomen, and that's getting a dorama). The target audience should be the same as Ouran. If they give the same effort as BONES gave into Ouran, it would turn out a good comedy.
The adaptation I'd really love to see one day would be an Otomen anime with the Ouran team. If only...
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