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That's where the problem is. To me, it looks like the media's against Obama because he's bringing changes to things that the general society was _forced to get_ used to, like this health reform. Because it's different, the media doesn't like it because it goes against the idea of capitalism, self-preservation and achievement (you don't deserve it if you don't work for it, even if it's something every human has a right to have regardless), and tells the people that it's bad. I doubt there are a lot of people who don't like the changes. The sad truth is how support from the people is worthless, but support from the media is everything. Because of this, I doubt Obama will get re-elected and have time to change the US for the better.
Unfortunately, his detractors don't realise that America's power comes from its stance on freedom, but with great power comes great responsibility.

The world's most effective military force means nothing if the mere civilian does not help set things straight inside the country while brave souls just lose their life projecting the former's ideals. What Obama was trying to do is to clean up the economic and diplomatic mess the war of terror has left behind, thus his rather "socialist" policies. He did that because time is not on the side of the Americans.

I bet my harem that 30 years down the road, not just the older Americans, but the rest of the world will be grateful for what he has done.

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