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Keep in mind that the majority of American media is owned by extremely large corporations that prefer the status quo. Those corporations are controlled by an incredibly small group of ultra-wealthy. Progressive change (or even small government conservatism on the other side) doesn't assist them in their short term profiteering interests.

The "left right" ideology debate is a sham in this context -- corporatism isn't "left right", its whatever maximizes the profit for the very few at the top. "Free market" to them only means they have free reign -- not that there is healthy competition thanks to fair regulation. The attempts in the US to change how healthcare costs are handled (e.g. to share the costs amongst the whole tribe) are a direct assault on the pocketbooks of the "vampires" The attempts to regulate the financial sector so they don't keep imploding the economy are met with the most outrageous nonsensical claims (because it reduces that short-term maximizing in favor of long term investment).

You can list each of the major challenges the US and other countries face and in each case -- it is a group of the artificial puppet entities we call "corporation" as manipulated by a very few that stands as an obstacle to affecting the best solution for the most people.
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