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I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by synaesthetic View Post
Actually, in America, everyone does own it.

The US government gave the major telecoms a hell of a lot of money, taxpayer funds, to expand their broadband infrastructures. And guess what? Those telecoms took the money.

That makes it ours.

You take taxpayer money, you take bailouts, you take government funding or subsidies, you can no longer claim to be a private entity.

I'm so sick to death of the "privatize the profits, subsidize the losses" stratagem most corporate entities in this country seem to gravitate to. It's a bunch of horseshit.

If your corporation accepts public funds at all, ever, at any time, you should no longer be considered a private company.
So does that make anyone who takes unemployment benefits or medicare a slave of the state, in your worldview? And what about those taxes companies pay? Does that mean they officially own the government, now?

Besides, it really isn't about your worldview. Legally speaking, you don't own the networks.
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