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Macross F Nyan Nyan Clip Collection is a music video collection which shall feature eight music clips from the TV series and first film (False Diva), and shall also include new footage for this release. It's basically the Flashback 2012 of Macross Frontier.

Here's the songlist. I thank a certain special site for this information.

Spoiler for Song List:

There's a few more special extras,, for example a 'TV spot starring Ranka plus choreography footage starring 3D character version of Megumi Nakajima & May'n'.

Both the DVD and Blu-ray can be preordered on CDJapan.

Seeing as how the Blu-ray is region free, i'll easily be picking this up. The cost is just a little bit more then the DVD, which isn't bad at all.

So who else is looking forward to this? :3
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