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Originally Posted by KiryuuKazumanosuke View Post
The word she uses is 'buttsubusu', not 'kutabare'. "Kutabaru" means "Die", you can't say you're going to kutabaru someone any more than you can say "I'm going to die you!" in English.
Yeah, people seem to be getting confused. In episode 4, Kyoko says "Kutabatta" in regards to Mami's fate. When she says how she's going to deal with Sayaka she says "Butsubusu".

Originally Posted by Arkeus View Post
If not every witches give a grief seed, then having too many magical girl in any one area could mean they get more and more darkness- whether that just make them weaker or turn them into witches too is unknown.
I'm wondering if when Mami stated this she meant literally "there is a chance they won't drop a seed." Or if this line was referring to the fact that familiar's don't drop seeds. In other words, you might not know until after you defeated it whether or not it was a witch or a familiar until you see a Grief seed, or not.
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