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Originally Posted by MisaoFan View Post
If you want to look a harem title that isn't particularly comedic and has a MC that isn't "some random wimpy/crybaby/perverted clown fool", go watch Seikon no Qwaser (even though it contains too much fanservice in it, there's lot of drama and conflict, the story is pretty dark, has richer subplots and the main male protagonist is a badass silver-haired tsundere instead of wimpy pervert) or Chaos;Head (there's absolutely no comedy nor it shows ecchi, it stays dark for the whole series, even though the MC is turned from a ridiculous otaku to a brave hero in the final episode). There's also lot of harem romantic dramas where the comedy is almost nonexistent and the male lead is much more human and has character development, even though he do something ridiculous, like Yosuga no Sora or Kimi no Iru Machi.
You really seem to like pushing people watching Seikon no Qwaser or Chaos;Head (which was a horrible adaptation of the VN), while i doubt that many people would watch them if you actually gave them more discription like in the case of qwaser:special powers powered by breast milk >_>.
In fact i hated (a word which i don't use alot for animes) both of these series that you call good.
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