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Originally Posted by mechdra View Post
I think there is another factor we need to consider whether there will be season 2, the sales of the No Name's CD. If the sales for the CD is not good, do you think there will be season 2?
AKB always sell well. Single sales will be more easy to predict than BD sales...Most of their sub unit clear 100k easily first week. Not Yet do 200k, even the lowest selling group, DIVA get 70k on first week..........which make me want to slap a b*tch tbh.
This sub unit similar to Warota7, the other sub unit Mayuyu is center, so I'm guessing around 80k which is Warota7 usually sales I think? I'm not a fan so not sure. Since SKE's Yagami Kumi is popular too, maybe around 90k

Mayuyu is receiving a huge boost, I can't see it not selling well.
The only problem is if fans have the money for it....
August is a pretty expensive month for 48 fans.

Well I heard Japanese fans and foreign fans say the song is good so it won't do too bad. They hate the uniforms tho :P

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