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Originally Posted by Blablabla
I do like Gin but Suiseki is my favourite
I have found my soulmate!! Forget I said that if you're a guy.

@Flo: Very nice pics of Gin

@physics223: Sherlock Holmes is NOT gay.... no more gay then Sir Percy Blakeney *revvs his chainsaw*

@aeriolewinters: MO Tomoe? B*tch? Hai Hai!

Okay just making this post coz I realised something. Just watched Ep5 of RM:T, the Post Box episode, and I realised that now everytime I see Hina do something heroic, or look sad, or even do something cute, I come very very close to tears because I know whats gonna happen to her. Crap man, this sucks. (I'm not complaining that I got spoiled, no no, its far from that... its just that I never knew she affected me so much...) I'm starting to hate Rozen...
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