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Originally Posted by Sushi-Y
Once you guys see Tatarigoroshi, you can look back to this post and regret how you didn't vote for Satoko.

And once you guys see the end of Meakashi, you can look back to this post and(clip

There should definately be a second vote for this. Maybe when all the question chapters are out. So you guys can realize your mistakes and vote for Satoko!!

*fears Sushi-Y's confidence about us regretting not having voted for Satoko*.....

Well, it's my policy to not vote untill I have seen a series to its end. I just watched the first two episodes of tatarigoroshi and I have come to feel so painfully sorry for Satoko, and then I see in this thread that Satoko only has 3 votes so far doesn't help things at all...OMG teh pains...

Satoko is indeed a very perfect little sister type of character, loveable pointy tooth, cute variant of oujosama laughter oh-hohoho, and she's a headband girl to top it off *will always :heart: headband girls like Kaede, Akari and Satoko* (from shuffle and to heart)
I can't help having this protective feeling towards her, and the fact that she's trying so hard just boosts that feeling, I really wish I had a second vote. For what it's worth I would almost surely vote for Satoko if I had a secondary vote.

I also like Rika, she also a very perfect little sister, miiii :hearts:. I'm looking forward to her chapters.

Originally Posted by npal
Rena What's not to like about her? Either in Oyashiro-sama or detective mode, she stills rules She's cute, and I really like her clothes Her cleaver design is nice, and her OP appearance is disturbing yet beatiful.


Not that Rika or Satoko are not nice But I had to vote just one
npal senpai!*me agrees* I understand senpais felings about Rena very much uunhh*nods*

Rena has so many modes, and I :heart: them all.
kana~?....kana~? cute mode -> instant :heart:
her higurashi mode -> instant *fear*/:heart:
her Usoda! and the way she tried to knock open keiichi's door -> instant *fear*/:heart:
her detective mode -> instant :heart:
and the "sugoi-moe-protective-onee-chan-like-reliable-person" feeling which follows is instant win
her super moe mode which can even defy her age and previous animations:

her "moe-moe-rori-rittle-rena" mode moe kana~?...kana~?
and of course, her cleaver -> instant flawless victory noble phantasm
(rivaled only by Kaede's Legendary Boxcutter of course)

Rena for teh instant win!

I haven't voted yet due to my policy but as it is now i already :fear:/:heart: Rena to a point of no return, so you can count Rena's vote with a +1 from me untill the subs for the last episode is out.
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