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Originally Posted by Sonhex View Post
The new OP has some interesting new clues, this one intrigued me the most...

I thought it was a countdown at first. But if you look at the letters in the background is the DNA base sequence (ATCG). This may be about the genetics of C.C or her people, or it could raise the ugly notion of eugenics...
well this can be described as the test on the powers of C.C itself ~ i wont be surprised if herself or one of her people was taken back and tested on by the king so that he could have the power for himself ~ doesnt seem to have worked tho

well onto this ep
- it seems that late nights are getting to both lulu and kallen lol...
- lulu getting the forced fit cosplay treatment was funny XD also great emphisis on milly's chest
- nina is not only an annoying baby but also yuri
- the maid in kallens house is suspicious (she takes drugs? O.o)
- shirley tries to ask lulu out but fails >.<
- lulu uses his geass on some punks who was beating the crap out of a stall owner who is an eleven but tbh he should have made them jump off a bridge
iits shocking for kallen to see his reaction whe she tries to help him up and he notices their britannia uniform ~ i think this is the deep mark left in all elevens in the sense that they are inferior to britnnia ~ this fires up kallen inside
- Viletta calling Jeremiah orange-kun was priceless XD

now onto the serious stuff ~ the OoBK this time cracks down onto a drug manufacture warehouse which kallen smashes into the back room with her frame...theres she sees drugged up elevens and her maid...which she calls to as "mother" *open eyes in disbelief*
she catches her falling with her frame and is even more fired up against to britannia ~ how dare they!
while her knightmare frame gets shot and blows off one of its arms...kallen takes off with the enemy right on her tail...she eventually manages to double KO it but at the same time learns how her mother has suppressed her pains all for the sake of kallen (the internal pain starts >.<)
really emotions at the last moment in hospital...kallen will try harder than ever to achieve happiness with her mother...*sob**sob*

overall a nice ep telling up us more about kallen...even tho the pace was slow the last few mins makes up for it

preview shows kallen's new frame...where the heck did she get that!? O.o
oh and C.C in a swimsuit <----- could it be that she was the one who created the frame?

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