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IF she fears them so much i really do wonder why she's still in Area 11. If i in her shoes i would've gone from there long ago by any means possible, surely she has to have some means that would enable her to leave. Or has it been said that even Brittania citizens have no such freedom that enables them to move to another area?
Well Majek, this is just my idea, so it might be right or not. Maybe the family system also works like the prince/princess system.

They put several noble or aristocratic families in the conquered areas to develop them. Until the families has shown an outstanding performance or there is a marriage that increase/decrease the status of each family, they will be moved to a "higher/better" area, until they reach the final position as permanent residents in the Imperial Capital. Of course the families can also be downgraded if there is any commoner/nobility marriage or other reason.

It might explain why the Ashford family was moved to area 11 after being soo close to an Imperial Queen and then downgraded.

Finally about Nina..................... I think the only excuse that I will pass is if she and a friend was actually raped and her friend was killed in front of her eyes. Besides that, I will still hate her as character.
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