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I don't think I have the right to butt in this Relena debate but it'll probably help if you guys hear what a newcomer has to say.
Before I start though, to Relena fans, I only have two words for you peeps: DROP IT.

Really boys and girls, I feel bad for you's because no matter how awesome Relena REALLY is, some fans will always disagree with you and insist she was poorly written. But if it's any consolation, I, too, believe she truly is an awesome character. And no I am not siding with anyone here, I'm just gonna voice out how I saw her too.

I don't get someone's claim here saying she was idolized by all the other characters. Despite having just recently seen GW, I will 100% stand for this: NOT ONE OF THE CAST IDOLIZED HER. Sure, MOST were proud of her but ALL of them disagreed with her and her ideals by varying degrees and I don't want to elaborate on that.

What struck me the most though is saying the Relena creators were obsessed with her and thus put her on the spotlight all the time. No matter how many times I thought that through, it wouldn't sink in and therefore I can only say one thing. BULLSHIT. I thought all the characters were given equal attention by the creators and that's probably why I never got pissed at any of them, and no I'm not kissing GW fans's asses here. The thing is she's the lead female and it's natural to put her at the center stage more often than the other ladies. I think she deserved every moment she was put in the spotlight because she wasn't put there to show off how flawless she was but rather how realistic she was. That's what makes her different from Lacus Clyne I think. I never liked Lacus Clyne or the vulnerable Marina Ismail. I thought they were utter useless. The difference between them though is that Lacus was always put in the spotlight, good thing Marina wasn't so I wasn't that pissed at her. So if there's anyone who has committed the favoritism crime, it's the S/SD creators.

Lastly, Relena loving all the attention. WTF. I don't know where the hell that came from. I agree with one of the posters, if there was anyone who didn't trust her, it was herself. And she hated the fact that some people actually overestimated her and her ideals. Although the part where she was portrayed as a goody-goody, I agree with that. But she didn't start as a goody-goody I think. She started as a rebellious brat and when she matured, that was when she became a goody-goody.

So back to what I was saying: DROP IT. Guys, drop it, you're wasting effort defending Relena because you can never make intentionally-blind people see nor can you make intentionally-deaf people hear. No matter how hard y'all try, haters will convince themselves she sucks.

Right. So I'm abandoning this thread as I can see haters will soon populate it and spoil it. Shhiiiitttt. Good luck, people! PEACE OUT
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