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Originally Posted by Bonta Kun View Post
Stop what, the sarcasm?
Nah can't be doing that, I've invested too much time and money into this series and now since it's kinda gone to pot(not bad per say just worse than how it started off) I need something to do while I still continue on pouring my lifeforce and money into this.
Just a fyi I bought the manga tanks for this when I thought it was good and I'll most likely continue just for the sake of completing my collection.
Kubo should count himself lucky, he doesn't get the scorn and anger that I have for Oh (so NOT) Great One and Air Gear.
But he will recieve my ridicule from time to time, the series just seems to warrant it to a degree now a days, like as I've said before he's really dropped the ball with these 2 new reapers.

Oh and in case it's missed in my previous post I was jesting at the Kubo trolling us......or was I?!
Like I said couldn't get any more obvious.
Just like how we all knew Ichigo was gonna jump in to save the day, nothing quite like making a timely hero's entrance.
Sorry I know it was a troll joke but a lot of people been trying to find away for this not to be the last arc, but like I said at this point we might as well believe it unless Kubo changes his mind or ratings go up, but Bleach needs to end anyway. I am sure we invested a lot of cash into it and I hope he is ending cause he wants too and not for the fan base,
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