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Originally Posted by White Manju Bun View Post
Question about animation and I didnt see a topic on it. Is there a way you can combine a animated image with a static? Might sound like a silly question but I know you have to save them as gifs and when I open them in IR, it shows the layers which I cant just c/p onto the static part of the sig. Is there something Im missing or do I need to incorporate what I want to animate in the orginal vers of the sig (I hope not cuz that would not make me happy ). Any help is appreciated for this sig making newb.
You can drag an existing gif file in IR to another picture.. The easiest way is you group all the layers in it and the drag the new group over. The problem is, you then have to recreate the frames as it wont carried over to the new file.

The 2nd choice is, you enlarge the canvas on the gif. Then drag a static layer(or another group of layers) under the existing layers (again it helps if you group all the related animated layer first.

What Rick explained above are used when you are just creating everything from scratch..
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