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Originally Posted by shadowii View Post
there are ten buckles in that picute.
one on cruz's jacket
one on his belt
one on each shoe
six on aruka's.......jacket thing

Cain's power by that point is godly, he can do anything

As for the chrimera thing i'd say either thats abel or someone took mad scientist to a greater level. Also I see the lion and goat but where is the snake part?

Funny how 78 is the bad number for clone beings
but instead of 79 Cain is 77
where do these guys find the time to mess with so many peoples bodies
Saten is messing with Cruz's body.

Cain and Abel have their bodies messed up by Simeon.

Confirms Simeon still exist and they have even expanded. It makes you wonder who the hell is the responsible of all this mess.
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