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Originally Posted by Laith View Post
Also Dark peace piece Hayate is TT_TT
Originally Posted by LVD View Post
Dark Piece Hayate. T___TWell, it's not hisatsu. It's issatsu/一冊の本.

Scene of Signum playfully elbowing Reinforce. ;___;!!!!
Originally Posted by LVD View Post
Uh, without having to replay it, iirc Signum fights the real Reinforce because Reinforce is being emo again, trying to finish the job herself. So as Signum, you smack her down. There's a pretty sunset and then Fate comes, thinking she's interrupting something because

Signum: [I forget, prolly cliche stuff like think about how Hayate would feel if you disappeared etcetc] CHESUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Reinforce: Leader......... It hurts.
ONORE LVVDDDD (and those lucky people that have played the game)!!!!!

You're making me regret not having a PSP much, much more! T______T

*sulks in a corner muttering curses because of not being able to watch DP!Hayate and MOEinforce ;_;*

Originally Posted by Hayate22 View Post
Okay, I got the game and this too.

First I basically downloaded the DLC that was free. And then got the catalog binder.

First I just let the game download and install on my psp and then just basically used the DLC.

The catalog binder includes everything from what is on the official site.

1: The Vinette Clock: The DLC that is used is for free for most people is Nanoha's Clock. Fate's is currently on as an add-on for 800 yen.
2: Bind Breaker: Again uses Nanoha's DLC.
3: Movies: Only one that sorta just displays a commerical for this
4: Custom Theme: You guessed it, they finally made an official Nanoha PSP theme
5: Staff credits

Bind Breaker: I was not surprised it was for the PSP, though the game play is sideways, meaning you'll have to hold your PSP vertical with the left side down. Consists of four stages total.
During gameplay, there are device icons that go down that you can collected:
Hayate's Device - A barrier on the bottom that prevents the ball from going down
Fate's Device - Increases the speed of the bar you control
Nanoha's Device - basically blasts through everything besides the bar
Signum's Device - Extends the bar's length
Vita's Device - Increases number of balls to four
Shamal's Device - Increase your bar lives by one.
Chrono's Device - Freezes nearby blocks after a short period of time and then breaks them, useful for those hard to hit blocks
Collecting Device icons is not accumalative, you either have to pick and choose which one you want as the best solution for yourself. Meaning you can only have one and only one. The only thing permanent is Shamal's bar life up, but only for the stage in question, doesn't accumalate into the next stage.
So you're basically playing Arkanoid with the 'blocks' being the girls' Barrier Jackets?! What part of this game exactly denotes 'bind' breaker? This is more like strip Arkanoid!

I can already imagine the number of PSP owners getting hauled off to jail.

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Yagami Hayate: ver. GenerationS; Part 1, Part 2
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